Standard Deviation / Correlation


This was the first week of AP bio and we started off the year learning about standard deviation and correlation of data. We used exell to organize the data and make tables and graphs. The lab we did was called “got lactase?” It was about AMY1 gene copies and the production of proteins and if the number of AMY1 genes correlated with number of proteins produced.  We looked at the data and found the r-values and the best fit lines to see how the data was connected. After we analyzed the data we made the conclusion that yes there was a moderate, positive, linear correlation between number of genes and number of proteins. Another set of data we had was about the difference of high starch and low starch diets and how many gene copies they had. We found that high starch diets had more copies of the gene because a high starch diet requires more enzymes to breakdown the starch. With the starch data we made graphs and we looked at the error lines to see if the data too similar. After we check the error lines we calculated how likely it was that the data was random. We got that there was a 3% chance that data was random so that leaves 97% chance we are correct.

We ended the week beginning to discuss natural selection and evolution.



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