Boy oh boy has it been a while. A lot has happened sense the last blog post. We took tests, we got tests back, we killed our plats, and we started a new project and unit. We started the unit of organelles and cells and stuff like that. We spent the week doing a long slide show on cells and how they work and the organelles that make them work. This is important because ALL cells have a plasma membrane, cytosol, chromosomes in DNA form, ribosomes, cytoplasm and ORGANELLES (except prokaryotic cells). The main organelles we learned about are the nucleus, ribosomes, rough ER, smooth ER, Golgi  apparatus, lysosomes, vacuoles and vesicles, and mitochondria (chloroplasts in plants). The past two weeks (I think 2 weeks?) have connected to Big Idea 3 A and D, talking about chromosomes, eukaryotes, and cell communication.

Brief description of each organelle and there function:


The project that is accompanying this unit is a mock election for the best organelle. I think this is a super fun way to learn the facts for this unit because if you wanna do well you have to do a lot of research on all go the organelles to find pros and cons and random fun facts. This is a just a fun way to involve yourself in the unit and make it more than just a lab but add some competition and creativity. I’m a big fan.

After the last unit I lost some confidence in my self and my ability to understand science but this unit is making me feel better. It’s more about understanding functions and structures than the chemistry of it all. My brain has an easier time understanding this type of stuff so I hope this unit goes well. So far I don’t have many questions. The only thing I don’t understand is why my teams plants died and now its just dirt in a plastic bottle. I do have one more question tho, why is the mitochondria just so amazing and obviously the best organelle? I honestly just feel bad for the other organelles.


3 thoughts on “Organelles

  1. MITOCHONDRIA EXPOSED: Tune in to the first-ever organelle election debate to learn how mitochondria are ENTIRELY DEPENDENT on ribosomes, despite the mitochondria’s best efforts to remain autonomous. Remember, without ribosomes, there’d be no you.


    1. I don’t appreciate your hateful redirect, Jonathan. We’ll see who comes out on top soon enough. PS. We created our own ribosomes so we have the power to create and destroy you (I think).


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