This week in AP bio, we took a turn for the worst and started talking about what seems to be chemistry. We have started taking about protons and electrons and bonds and everything else thats wrong with science. I’m not much of a science kid and more than that I’m not much of a chemistry kid. I have a very hard time grasping ideas and theories that I can physically see. I understand adaptation because I can see examples with my eyes but covalent bonds and why bonds even happen or why electrons are a thing, forget it. For the same reason, I hate space.

I couldn’t find a direct connect to any of the Big Ideas but Big Idea 4 talks about molecules a little bit and we are talking about molecules and compounds. The biggest part of the week, however, was pH. We talked a lot about acids and bases and what it means and how it changes or doesn’t change when buffers are introduced. PH is something you talk about in almost every science class ever so it felt good to have some back ground knowledge and feel a little more secure with a topic.

After spending the beginning of the week with pH if went back to chemistry and we started talking about organic molecules. We had to identify categories of biological molecules and look at amino acids, sugars and types of lipids. This is where I loose confidence. Working through this stuff in a group really helps and I feel a little better after class than I did going in to it. I’m still a little confused but to the point where I don’t know what my questions are.