A echinoderm is a marine invertebrate that is part of the phylum Echinodermata. 

This is a photo of the Ocean. The Ocean is host to many echinoderms like star fish.




A ectotherm is an organism that can’t provide enough body heat to live by itself so relies on an outside heat source.

This is a tortoise. A tortoise doesn’t have enough natural body heat to keep itself alive in the colder months. They have to hibernate in the ground for a couple weeks a year to keep themselves warm.



Tropism is when a plant is growing at an angle due to an outside source like the sun or wind.

Even though it may be hard to see, the tree in this photo is growing at an angle due to where the sun hits it. For part of the day the sun is shining on this plant at an angle but because of other trees in this area the sun is never directly above this plant, so it is growing slanted.



An organism that lives inside other organisms and takes their nutrition. Parasites can be very harmful.

This is a photo of a goat named Baggy. He has parasites. He had brother who died from parasites early February but before he died he passed the parasites on to Baggy who is being treated to get rid of them.


Commensalism is when two organisms use each other and one benefits well the other is unharmed but isn’t benefitting either.

This is a photo of barnacles on a shell. The barnacles are benefiting by having a habitat on the shell, well the shell is unharmed but isn’t gaining anything from the barnacles.