Week 2 of AP bio was again filled with lizards, different types of evolution and reproductive isolation and speciation. After spending about a week on the Anoles lab we finished this week and by the end I understood reproductive isolation and convergent evolution very well. Although I am having a difficult time looking back on Biology freshman year, some things are coming back like natural selection and evolution. Another thing this lab showed me was that I really don’t understand excel. Hopefully that will come with practice but for now I find it very confusing. The virtual lab really takes you through step by step and tries to show you the data and have you experience what the scientists do on a very basic level. It was very cool yet tedious.

Later in the week we learned more about Big Idea 1 (1.c.2) where it talks about how some species are isolated from each other and both evolve and adapt in there new territories and then if re introduced, they will not recognize each other enough to reproduce. ¬†There was a pretty rough quiz on this topic. Something I know about myself is with multiple choice I will over think the questions, and always change my answers last minute and end up getting them wrong. This happened so much last years in History that Mr. Seemueller told me to just never change my answers and go with my gut. During the quiz i thought about this and still changed one of my answers last minute. It turned out to be wrong. This year I hope to have enough knowledge of the subject that I don’t have to second guess myself. Don’t feel like guessing my way through an AP exam.

The quiz however, showed me that there are some things I defiantly don’t understand and that freshman Bio was a long time ago. I am very foggy on bell curves. The quiz question on bell curves through me for a loop. I’m also realizing that I have forgotten almost all biology vocabulary. I hope that knowledge will slowly come back to me as the year goes.

In conclusion excel, vocabulary, multiple choice questions, and looking back on freshman year are the things I need to work on the most. Also, bell curves?

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